Often, we feel so privileged to be able to do this trip. Traveling, surrounding by nature, having a run whenever we feel like it, meditating, listening to music (Morgan likes electronic music the best), meeting new people (learning about different cultures) and spending time with the three of us… it’s incredible and just the beginning. I think it really took us 3 months to get into this way of living. Our new living strategy is including: planning on a daily basis, not even 1 week in advance, almost no internet (WIFI in cafes is our connection) and being ok with that and the best feeling you can have, no pressure. 

The daily jobs are divided in a prober way (in Stephen his thoughts): Morgan is responsible for the dishes and cleaning the inside (floor) and outside of the camper. Lillian is the cook and laundry lady and Stephen, is doing other things in life…….

A couple of weeks ago we received very sad news that an old friend of ours passed away. We met each other often in our previous life and we had amazing conversations . Our thoughts are with his family and friends and we wish them strength during this hard and sad time….Dear friend, we hope you found your freedom. When we drive through this beautiful world and listen to Joep we think about you. You will be always in our hearts. 

The last three weeks we travelled through Macedonia. The amount of space this country has to offer and the differences in beautiful landscapes is unbelievable. We visited some tiny villages: Zovich, Galicnik & Lazaropole (last 2 part of National Parc Mavrovo) and stayed a couple of days in each village. Places were you just fall in love with the surroundings, nature, people and their culture. In the past, people were living their all year round and earning money with farming. Nowhere days the villages are “sleeping villages” which means they are only inhabited in the summer. In wintertime, there are a hand-full of people in de village and they are almost cut off from the “real” world. There is too much snow to get in and out of the area. 

We have met so many amazing people and we are starting to learn to drink Rakija at breakfast and enjoying Turkish coffee (in the beginning we couldn’t drink it!). In a lot of places in Macedonia, people are very friendly towards us. In Lazaropole we were lucky because we arrived on the day the village festival started. That means; traditional music, dance and much fun the whole weekend. The next morning, we also joined an orthodox christen ceremony in the local church. 

We start to learn more about Balkan history. In the Balkan countries we visited people say the “Yugoslav time” was “better”. Mr. Jozib Tito was their leader.  When he died (1980) it all fell apart. It is said that Tito’s period was a socialism period. The economic situation was better in his days and people had more respect for each other. Now there is a lot of corruption in the governments and the average wages are low. Family is very important in all the countries we have visit. A lot of people take care of their parents when they get older. Also, the time with friends is important. It’s based on quality time together. Maybe it’s just a more relaxing way of living against the western part of Europa. Here they say its capitalism versus socialism which makes the difference… 

My arm is completely healed from the burnings. Nothing visible anymore so that’s really great. Morgan is very happy and we don’t have the feeling she’s missing our old house or the way we lived.  She still likes this house (camper) better.  In Lazaropole she was adopted by the kids of the village and she was dancing two nights with them. On the 11th of August Morgan turns five years and she is very excited about that! Home schooling is not started, and this will take some more months before we will start (we need the break also before turning into a teacher ;-)) Next week we will receive the books for home schooling for the first year. Normally the books are as of six years but Morgan can’t wait to start. For now, we are enjoying seeing here growing up. We have a lot of fun, laughs and sometimes stubborn discussions together. Luckily with us discussions only last for 2 minutes. Morgan is also into our travel vibe. In the morning she often wakes up and opening the curtains with the comment: “oh I forget were we put the camper” … It’s always a surprise where we end up. 

We just arrived in Bulgaria where we will meet up with family. We don’t stay long in Bulgaria because we want to spend more time in Turkey and Iran. We hope to stay 4 months in Turkey and Iran, depending on visas and travel advisories. Next chapter will soon be starting. We are looking forwarded to it!

We hope everybody is doing well!

Lots of love from us

7 Replies to “Pressureless”

  1. Wat maken jullie ontzettend veel mee, en dit is nog maar het begin.
    Lillian helemaal je verjaardag vergeten, alsnog van harte.


    1. Heerlijk hoor. Wat een reis en zo leuk om “mee te reizen” zo. Nog 5 nachtjes en dan komen we je “2e verjaarsfeestdag” vieren hoor Morgan. Nu eerst voor morgen alvast heeeeeeeeeeel veel kusjes en knuffels. Groooooot hoor, alweer 5 jaar!! 🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎉🎉💪🏼😘😘


  2. In Kroatië zijn ze niet zo positief over Tito hoor. Daar zijn ze juist blij dat die periode voorbij is. Tito bevoordeelde mensen met een Servische achtergrond boven de Kroatische bij banen, huizen, salarissen, etc etc. Die ongelijkheid heeft volgens hen tot de oorlog geleid.


  3. Van harte gefeliciteerd met Morgan haar verjaardag. Wat geven jullie ons steeds mooie indrukken van jullie reis. Veel plezier a.s week met de hele fam.


  4. What a great journey and everytime it’s a joy to read all about your adventure. We are glad that everything is ok and you are having a lifetime experience.
    We have just finished our (mini) camping holliday in France. It was lovely and we enjoyed it very much. Upcomming monday we start working again and it is now hard to realize that our vacation is almost over, grr…
    Never the less we enjoyed.
    Dear Lillian, Stephen and Morgan we wish you the best. We will keep reading your adventures with great enthusiasm, with love Jordy, Anouk, Dani and Boaz.


  5. Wat een rijkdom beleven jullie; ben echt iedere keer jaloers als ik jullie blog lees en denk dan weer aan het afscheid dat we hadden aan de receptiebalie van Thermae. Jullie zijn het “gewoon aan het doen”…… Super foto’s ook!
    kan niet wachten op de volgende blog.
    Ik ga zo gewoon weer werken en denk aan jullie (ook al kennen we mekaar verder eigenlijk helemaal niet….mooi is dat!)
    lieve groetjes
    Ingrid (Front Office Hotel, Thermae 2000)


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