Dearest friends & family

We are ok. We are still at the farm in Goa – India were we do volunteering work and it’s the best place to be, in this strange situation. 

Every morning we start of with “ we have to go home” but were is home. Our “ house” is here and in the Netherlands there is of course family and friends waiting ( which were are not allowed to see) but nothing else. We are so not finished with traveling yet but we have the feeling the world is finished with all the traveling people for now.  In the afternoon we try to find different solutions for not going back….We really don’t know 😞 

We are closely monitoring everything what is happening in the world but for now with all the lock downs we have to wait till beginning of April to see what to do next. We wished we could predict the future but I think the whole world would like to do that right now.

We keep you posted. Please stay safe 

Big kiss from us

3 Replies to “Dearest friends & family”

  1. Hallo Lil en familie,

    Dank voor jullie update. De vraag: “wat is de beste plek om nu te zijn” is eigenlijk niet te beantwoorden. In Nederland is het leven nagenoeg op slot dus ik zou lekker daar blijven. Meer ruimte, mooi weer en het vliegt allemaal voorbij. En voor jullie dochter is het sowieso beter (hier zijn de scholen dicht en zijn alle verenigingactiviteiten verboden).

    Veel succes en sterkte!




  2. We are really happy to hear that you seem to be in a safe place. I have already been thinking of you, although we only met for a little talking at a campsite in Sarajewo what seemed to be a long time ago.
    Seeing all the difficulties friends and familiy members had to leave e.g. Maroc it is already good luck to stay in a place where there is food and drink and people are nice to you.
    So let’s all hope for the best, things will be better .


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