Soft landing

And so here it is… blog nr. 1 🙂 finally of already, that’s the question. Curious how many it’s going to be. Maybe one, or a hundred, ( hopefully you will not gone by then 😉 ) who knows. Time will tell but for now a little catch up of the last month. 

And what a ride it has been the last month! From packing and leaving our old house in Utrecht to exploring and getting awake at 4 am from all kind of * bleebs* in our new house on wheels. (Luckily we found all the unknown noise and we are super happy with our new house. Everything works for now and we are completely self-sustained). To the surprise we had for everybody just before leaving. Getting married  and turning into Mr. And Mrs. Wise 🙂 . Like almost everybody knows we don’t wanted to be married. But after looking at our route for the next coming years and entering some countries were the married states becomes sometimes very “ handy”  we thought that it would be a smart idea.  And what is not better to get married  ( if you have to ) in front of everybody we love! It couldn’t be more perfect. The sun was shining, it was a big chaos but so fantastic. From the bottoms of our harts thank you all for being there with us. We will never forget! 

The last days in Holland we spend with family to say goodbye. After a year of  preparation we left on the 16th of April. Easter we celebrated with friends on their wine-fields. Not a bad way to start. We had beautiful weather and cooked on the campfire . We helped out with ( unfortunately ) killing some wine plants due to age and getting some young ones grow again. After a couple of extra days in the black forrest we moved to Austria. 

Our daily routines are slowly created. Stephen is THE coffee man in the morning, which takes approx. 15 minutes and after our morning coffee we both do some running or training. In the afternoon we are driving or biking, depending if we are moving or staying on our spot. Due to the size of the camper we learn our ways in the camper. We can’t be all at once in the bathroom so communication is the key. Which is quite interesting stil 🙂 We stayed once at a ” real” camping but normally we are just somewhere in the middle of the forrest. This go’s perfectly well but sometimes you are in the wrong spot and you will need to move your fan. At 6.30 am, not so nice. 

Morgan is exploring outside ( when it not raining 😦 ) or playing in the camper. She is enjoying everything to the max and is constantly telling us what a fantastic live we have when we are travelling like this. Unbelievable how relaxed she is. The only thing she really dislike is the driving, which is a “ small” part of our travel. We found some “ jip & Janneke” on spotify so as of now she is with here headphone ( we definitely can’t handle that for hours) when we are driving to our next stop. The next couple of weeks will still be in Austria to meet an old friend we haven’t seen for a long time. Somewhere beginning of June we hope to move to Slovenia.

Unfortunately the weather is not really good ( say the least) but he, our house is dry, warm and cozy and there is enough wine for Mr. & Mrs. Wise. 

So how soft can you land…….

Big Kisses form the Family Wise

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