The last two weeks we were in Croatia. We went down south a bit quicker than expected but we needed some vitamin D, flipflops & beach. In the last couple of weeks, the weather was most of the time cloudy and we were still wearing gloves and winter jackets. Finally, we have sun and our flipflops is footwear number 1. We want to stay longer in Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania. Austria and Slovenia were both beautiful and great nature. We were surprised how green Slovenia is, the government of this country is very keen with their nature environment. Only 2 million people life in Slovenia and we have never seen a country with so many curves in the road. There are many very small cute villages. The churches are always on the best spot in town. We didn’t really know what to expect about the economic situation but the country is doing very well.  We only stayed for 1,5 weeks in Slovenia but we will come back in the future for sure. Slovenia was also a good test for our camper, enough high mountains and steep roads. We are very happy with our camper Eleonora, (yes, we gave her a name again). It’s self-sufficient and mechanically it’s performs perfect. We only had a small issue with a tube from the turbo and we couldn’t find the problem. After 2 Mercedes dealer and two days of waiting they found the issue. The power came back.

Morgan is doing great, she said last week that she likes our new home better than our old home in UtrechtJShe is complaining when we are hiking up-hill on mountains but that’s just like here mother. She doesn’t mind walking and is not afraid of heights (that’s different comparing to her dad…) We walked in Austria the longest hanging bridge of the world 480 meters long – 180-meter-high and she didn’t give a crimp. It’s also funny to see here character, in some parts totally me and that can give good discussions. A bit stubborn if I may say so… But we also have a lot of fun together and its great seeing her growing up like this. 

We are very happy that we have mountain bikes with us, it makes life so much easier for us to see places like Salzburg and Graz (both great places!). We only need to practice on our uphill skills. When we are arriving somewhere, I always get on the bike to explore the surrounding. The best way to quickly see the area.

The last couple of days we have been on an Island cold Dugi Otok in Croatia. It’s long and small and not many tourists go there. It’s not pact with hotels because of the fact there are no water facilities from the mainland. We stayed for 4 night on a camping and 2 nights wild camping on the beach. Yesterday on the boat from Dugi Otok to the mainland, Lillian and I were looking at each other and we were thinking: “the holiday would be finished normally now, but not for us! We just left” we felt like the happiest persons on the boat.

Croatia was nice but it’s pretty expensive and there is a big economy on tourism. To be honest, that’s not what we had in mind when we went on this trip. So, we drove off into Bosnia – Herzegovina. We are very interested/curious in this country. There is a big history and a lot to see. 

Hope everybody is doing well at home! 

Lots of love ,

 Morgan, Lillian & Stephen

PS: Press logo Polarsteps on homepage to see were we are in real-life. Great app/site!

7 Replies to “Eleonora”

  1. Wat fijn om te lezen dat jullie zo genieten van jullie reis ! Tijdens een roadtrip heb ik deze landen ook gezien, dus jullie verhaal zorgt voor een hoop goede herinneringen. Veel plezier in jullie volgende land, 5 jaar geleden was dat een wereld van verschil met Kroatië .

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  2. …and we were thinking: “the holiday would be finished normally now, but not for us!

    Wij hebben net 4 hele mooie weken Portugal achter de rug. Wildkamperen is daar supereasy. So holiday is finished for us now 😢. En begrijp (denk ik) helemaal hoe jullie je voelen met nog zoveel tijd en mooie landen in het vooruitzicht!


  3. Mooi om jullie verhaal te lezen ook al spreken we elkaar met regelmaat. En wat een prachtige foto’s. Zo kunnen we heerlijk meegenieten van wat jullie allemaal zien.
    Fijn om te weten dat jullie zo genieten en dat Morgan haar draai ook heeft gevonden. Dat zien we wel op de foto’s. Oma vind fietsen tegen een “heuvel” op ook niet leuk hoor Morgan!!!
    Liefs van ons en knuffel voor Morgan💞😙


  4. Heel leuk om te lezen en práchtige foto’s ook !! En heerlijk hè, je te realiseren dat je nog heel veel tijd hebt !!! Geniet en uiteraard ook sukses met dat “ grote beest “ dat jullie overal naar toe gaat brengen . Grtjs van ons allebei hans en elly


  5. Great waking up in France stories!!! Slovenia en Bosnia bij deze mentally noted!!! Zooo benieuwd hoe de rest van Oost Europa gaat zijn!! Herman zei al dat hij de mensen in Bosnia ook zo super aardig vond! Maar ook high hopes voor Montenegro en Albania!!! Heerlijk genieten met zn 3tjes….ehm sorry Elenora, 4tjes!


  6. Fantastische foto’s guys! Prachtige natuur en mooie stadjes. Fijn dat het zo goed gaat met jullie & Morgan en dat Eleonaro jullie niet in de steek laat.


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